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As mentioned on the Little Stoke page, I originally planned to run this layout on DC and so for the first outing of the layout at the local train show,  which was 2 and a half months after I started construction,  I just ran it with the Gaugemaster D twin unit.  I then thought that as I wanted more than one train working at a time, I could run at least three by using the four channel unit and having the branch line run through a shuttle unit and running the two circuits on the next two channels leaving the fourth to do the inner goods yard.















The above three photos show the set up with the four channel GaugeMaster unit, the shuttle control unit and the row of chocolate block connectors.















The new operating system of NCE Power Cab and TCC on laptop connecting with the TCC panel for LDRs and servos driving points and uncouplers.














The wiring underneath the left hand and right hand boards.














Due to changing from servo lifting uncouplers. it was decided to install Kadee electromagnetic units -the underneath view of lower yard (left) and upper level on right.


The above shows the electrical connections to run Little  Stoke and below, the list of connections of the TCC board..