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    This layout came into being due to a proto type case I made for another interest of mine which ended up too small for the intended purpose and the lid was not aligned well. It sat in the garage waiting on something to render itself useful.  I attended The Big Model Train Show  in Christchurch at the begining of October '17,  and saw  a layout with very small trains on 3mm track which did intrigue me.  On returning home I was reading some reviews of T Gauge layouts and found references to  so looked at their site and found that the starter set with oval  of 132.5mm diameter ends would fit into this lonely case. 
      I re-aligned the lid and cut out a base from 1.8mm card and drew the oval  on  and waited for the starter set to arrive.  When the set arrived and I connected up the track on the kitchen table then connected the controller up and ran the HST for about 20mins in each direction. I then taped the oval track onto the cardboard base and drilled a hole in the back side of the case for the power clip and reconnected it to the track and had another running session.  Whilst the HST is in GNER livery at some later date I will give it a repaint into GWR livery and put down the 120mm diameter oval on the inside, add another train (yet to be decided on) and then scenic it.  I have the PDF files from Scalescenes for a small village.

    On 29th November, TGauge R-042/GNER starter set arrived and tested then was installed (just taped down) in its new home. As with all move-ins, there is a lot to be done to make the place look good and lived in.  The oval of 120mm diameter arrived just after Christmas and installed as pictured below and showing the power clips. Thus the outer oval is powered by the E-008 power cable 'A' while the inner is by the one supplied with the starter set. The piece of cardboard between the back and the power clip is to stop it from being accidently dis-connected. The outer oval travels clockwise and the inner travels anti-clockwise. I divided the HST in half to test the travel which operated very well. There is another train yet to be decided - cannot quite make up my mind as to another HST or Castle loco and carriages, landscaping, village and station to construct to complete the layout. ‚Äč

The other train (another HST) has now been selected and ordered, which arrived early April '18, so now some village planning to be done in spare time between completing programme test for "Little Stoke" and the Faller Car system on "Stoke-by-Mendip" layouts . 


   At last, started to work on this project begining with deciding to lower the baseboard so as there would be more depth for scenery. I replaced the 2 x 1 inch   pieces on which the baseboard cardboard rested with 17mm x 6mm wooden batten which I glued the baseboard on.  I then made a frame for the hill as well as the tunnel mouths and then used some grass matting placed over the framing.  See the gallery below.













         125 trainset and its new accommodation .                                                                                The 2  x  1 inch support for the 2mm card baseboard. 













             Single track taped down and power connected.                                                            Inner track down - both tracks now glued down. 













    Decided to have more depth so now 17mm  x  6mm battens as the support frame.                    The change in depth compared with the above photo. 













         Planning the interior of track with hill and tunnels and grey poster card for township roads, showing frame work and then completed hill cover. 













                               Station installed and a small brewery done and ruined keep kit in place. Township buildings still to come to complete the picture.














At  first exhibition  Nelson 10-11 September 2022