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 I had  two second hand 1980's HSTs  in Executive livery and decided to  make  one HST  train  with using both power cars and having four carriages in between.    I needed to convert to DCC so was glad to see that Hornby had TTS (Valenta) sound decoders so I ordered a set and when looking at the head and tail lighting system, I wanted to upgrade that at the same time as the DCC.  I found that Black Cat Tech had a good product which gave directional lighting for the HST model. 

    Last  November (2019) Hornby produced  R1230 a RailRoad version of the HST which looked to be a good model at a reasonable price so ordered it from Rails of Sheffield along with three Mk3 coaches and it runs very well but the lighting system is only in the power car and its headlights are  constantly on whether it is running forwards or in reverse. The old 1980's version had directional headlight system, which beggers belief, why did Hornby not give the new model the same.  I had ordered Hornby's TTS (MTU) decoder and Black Cat Tech's  lighting unit to fit in the new HST model.  At the moment I am waiting on Hornby to advise me of the pickup part so that I can put it in the front bogie of the dummy car to activate the Black Cat lighting unit.  

      Below are photo galleries of the conversions. 

     First the 1980's HST which was hard wired with little problem.














            1. 1980's HST 'Swallow' livery.                                                                                          2. Parts to be installed Hornby's TTS decoder and Black's at lighting unit.














        3 . Decoder placed in behind cab and speaker on chassis weight.                                    4.  Black Cat unit installed.


Video below is the testing of the dummy car directional lights and sound.